Creating a Toolbox for Musical Improvisation

musical improvisation

While “noodling” on an instrument may seem random, it can often lead to some interesting discoveries. Noodling is improvisation at its roots, the art of creating music on the spot and without preparation.   Musical improvisation and dramatic improv are similar. Drama, like music, involves interpreting others’ written material, requires knowledge of the material, begs for […]

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Top 10 Online Music Education Tools

online education tools

In general, learning music is very hands-on, but of course, technology can and should enhance the learning and teaching experience for teachers, students, and parents. With the right online music education tools, education has no limits! The tools that we’re going to mention are great for both teachers and students when it comes to assigning […]

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A Short History of the Flute

history of the flute

The history of musical instruments is a long and misty story. Often, the origins of an instrument are not clear but are based on folklore and unproven stories.  Without a doubt, the oldest instrument in the world is either the human voice or an untuned percussion instrument like the drum. The voice is the only […]

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