Music Expo

Innovation. Connectivity. Empowerment. December 18 -19, 2020

Learn With Leaders

Track 1: Innovation

Explore new instructional practices, approaches to music teaching, and new variations on old techniques, all scaled for music educators regardless of group size or age.

Track 2: Connectivity

Learn new ways to connect with your students, parents, and colleagues by implementing technology into your curriculum, music-making, and communications.

Track 3: Empowerment

From the SEL curriculum to Trauma-Informed teaching you can teach any student. This track is also for YOU to learn ways that you can set boundaries, stay organized, and take a breath!


  • James M. London, UK

    “I was really skeptical about learning online but my teacher knows just how to make that connection and be “hands-on” from far away. I am so glad I gave Tonara Connect a try, cheers!”

  • Julia S. San Diego, CA

    “Tonara made it so easy for me to find my child’s piano teacher. We had just moved and were worried that we wouldn’t be able to find the right teacher for his unique learning needs. We did and we are ALL happy with it”

  • John G. Seattle, WA

    “I  was thinking about picking up the violin again but with my busy schedule did not think I would ever have the time. I searched on the Connect marketplace and found a teacher that meets my pace and my budget.”

  • Megan C. Edenton, NC

    “My teacher is awesome and I know I wouldn’t have found her without Tonara. I’ve been looking for a ukulele teacher for a long time and there is no one in my small town that can teach me. I am FINALLY getting to play!”

  • Sasha L. Chicago, IL

    All I have to say is “YAY!” I am a professionally trained singer and do not need ongoing intensive lessons. Almost every teacher in my area wants a serious ongoing commitment or nothing. I was able to find a teacher with an ongoing support option that let me check in as little or as much as I wanted based on my performance needs.”

Don’t Miss a Beat

The Perks of Learning Music Online

Beth Horton

If you are anything like myself and the many teachers I get the privilege to speak with each week, one of the things we miss the most during this pandemic are the conferences. I have been swapping conference memories with my teaching colleagues lately and have heard incredible stories of previous conferences.

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